Riordan Hall, September 19, 2015

The Unit 247 Board Of Directors meeting was held at Riordan Hall in Bella Vista between sessions of our Unit Sectional. Bob Dray President, called the meeting to order at 5:33 pm.
Present: Bob Dray and board members Kaye Cotton, Len Fettig, Barbara Francis, Roger Koeppe, Warren Matz, Linda McRay, Clarence Razer, Stan Stankus.
The voice recording of the last meeting was previously posted as a digital file for all to review and required no approval.
The treasurer’s report was presented by Clarence Razer and Bob Dray and was approved as read.
Unit Chair positions gave an update on their activates as follows:
Len Fettig reported a comparison of table counts for the tournaments in 2004, 2009 & 2014.
They showed a steady drop between 2014 &2009. A comparison of District 15 Table count was also made. Discussion of reasons why and how to correct the problem.
Followed. Finding ways to interest young people was suggested.
Roger Koeppe – Education Liaison. Math classes in both middle and high schools offer
Possible ways of promoting bridge lessons.
Kay Cotton Membership & publicity could increase with more information getting to clubs.
Warren Matz Nothing new to report.
Barbara Francis Everyone was happy with the food, both snacks and dinner. Barbara will be
Checking next year on possible grants and other resources to help control costs
Stan Stankus – Will be working with Len Fettig to access the possibility of a Unit game in 2016
Linda McRay – reported income and expense for NAP Final, Sept. 12th of $ 101.69 net gain
A comparison of last four years shows a drop last two years and an increase this year
Old Business. Comments were made about the fine job Len Fettig had done last year and how much it is appreciated.
New business – An email was receive from Linda Richman, saying that she would not be able to attend the board meeting and wishes to resign as a board member.
The meeting was adjourned.
Clarence Razer

Unit 247 Board Meeting
Riordan Hall, August 20, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 by President Bob Dray.
Members present were: Bob Dray, Len Fettig, Clarence Razer, Michael Rosenberg, Linda McRay, Barbara Francis, Kevin Glasgow, Roger Koppe and Stan Stankus. A quorum was present
Guests present were: Jean Razer, Jim Wart, Roni Ray and Bob Gromatka
The new members were introduced and each returning member introduced himself and told a little about his job and what had been accomplished since ourl last meeting. Several positive comments were made about the outstanding job done by Barbara Francis with food for this tournament and Bob Gromatka for his job as tournament Coordinator.
Packets of information were passed out to vote on a 1st Alternate from District 15 on the ACBL Board. The two candidates are Len Fettig and Phil Rea. This is a secret ballot that will be sent directly to ACBL for counting. A private ballot area was available in the hall for ballots completion.
Minutes from the last meeting were discussed and approved.
The treasurer’s report was approved as read.
Reports of Committees:
Len Fettig reported the Non life Master game had 89 tables and the silver game had 57 with a total to date of 146. This represents a 25% increase over last year.
Linda McKay asked for lists of qualifiers as soon as NAP games are complete.
Roger Koeppe explained how difficult it is to keep the young students interest in duplicate bridge, especially after graduation
New Business:
Mike Scarsdale submitted his resignation to Unit Board. There will be at least three vacancies to be filled in the next election cycle
ACBL suggested the Unit set up a mentoring program for people interested in learning bridge. Bob felt it would need to be set up at the club level and supported by the unit after established. Unit funds could be approved to pay mentors game fees in support of a club level mentoring program and a Unit Pro-Am Game might be a possibility if enough mentors were available at our clubs
A proposed amendment to the constitution was discussed and a motion to increase the unit size by two members was 2nd and carried. It will need to be ratified by our general membership at the next board member election cycle.
Meeting adjourned.

Clarence Razer

Unit 247 Board Meeting August 5, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:04 p.m. by our President, Bob Dray. Members present were, Bob Dray, Marsha Havens, Barbara Francis, Kevin Glasgow, Roni Ray, Len Fettig, Linda McRay, and Bob Gromatka. Board members introduced themselves and gave a brief background about themselves.
Bob Gromatka told us that the numbers are up for this tournament from last year, although pre-registration was NOT up. Who knew? Bob also spoke to how we can get more people interested in duplicate: we must call on the party bridge players and young people. Also, has this facility outlived its usefulness?
Poor climate control, an older facility, limited number of tables, the lighting is so-so, we’re older and there is no valet service, no custodial staff (We pay $2500) — might we find a hotel? Possibilities? Hum…
Dave Hirsch — who was not able to be at our meeting because of a bad hip — has written a newcomer letter which will be sent to ACBL members who move into our area. It shows the clubs in our area, contact person, and email to write if you need a partner.
Unit level charity games: Mountain Home has taken the first 2 games; no one has stepped up for the 3rd or 4th quarter. But we have begun having unit sanctioned games (not club) — and ACBL allows five functions NAP games, educational foundation, the international fund (which helps fund people who represent us in international events) — and these are being held at the unit level. So we have four more opportunities to help charity and have special point events.
Ronnie reported on the website.
Len told about survey results. We are getting participation and leadership at the unit level which will allow us to explore ways to increase membership, education, etc. How do we improve things at every level? Let’s brainstorm and get feedback from members about how we can be of better service to them.
We’re trying to do things the right way, even though we’re small. We’re going the right direction!!
Financial report: Approved and everyone happy with it.
Meeting concluded at 6:40 p.m.

Unit 247 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – August, 2018

The meeting was called to order by president Bob Dray at 5:45 pm on August 25, 2018.
Present were: Bob Dray, Marsha Havens, Bob Gromatka, Roger Graf, Linda McRay, Mike Fish, Barbara France, Len Fettig, Charles Nichols, Kevin Glasgow, and guest Diane Warren. Warren Matz had resigned from the board and Charles Nichols has taken over the remainder of his term. We have a quorum present. Stan Stankus and Dave Hirsch are not able to attend this meeting.
ACBL had forwarded ballots for all board members to vote on the vacancy on the ACBL Board of Directors. Phyllis Harlan has been our director and is retiring. Len Fettig and Warren Smith are the candidates for this position. The sealed ballots were presented to our board and given back to Bob Dray to send back to ACBL
The board’s needs for “active members” was discussed at length. It is agreed we need to focus more on governance and less on micro- managing local events. With a new focus will come new direction.
Last year’s minutes were approved unanimously.
Bob Dray gave a breakdown of the source of revenue for our Unit. The Walker Workshop, which was held in tandem with our tournament, has been a great success! The target number of people was 40 and that number was exceeded by almost double. There were 75 registrants. It was noted that the play Thursday evening during the workshop was a club game, not a tournament game and was sanctioned as such.
A lengthy discussion was held concerning the role of the Bella Vista club in the sectional tournament. Everything which goes with the tournament is part of Unit 247, but what should be in it for the host club? This tournament has grown to the point of stretching the capabilities of the facilities. There are many decisions which need to be made to provide for the growth of this tournament. Most of the work in connection with said tournament has been accomplished by the Bella Vista club and they deserve some gain for their efforts.
A motion was made by Len Fettig and seconded by Roger Graf that our workshop proceeds of the $5 fee for playing Thursday evening would go to the Bella Vista Bridge Club as it was a club game. Additionally, the net profit from the workshop would be split 30% to the BellaVista Bridge Club and 70% to the Unit. All voted in favor of that motion.
Len Fettig spoke to the possibilities of turning our sectional tournament into a regional. What would happen? How would we have the help that would be required? We would need commitment from all clubs in the Unit to do so. Club managers need to be behind this, or it can’t happen.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 pm.
Marsha Havens Final Version

Addendum to Meeting Minutes

On November 4th, 2018 President Bob Dray emailed all board members a file containing information on past practices pertaining to our Unit Standing Policy. The intent was to document formally all the routine policy actions of the Unit and to obtain comments/concerns from the Board before posting the Policies on our web site for all Unit members to see.
Several Board Members replied with thoughtful comments and possible additions. No negative comments or concerns were received . The suggestions were implemented in the final version – released to the web on December 10th, 2018 and posted on the Unit Box site.